Corte San Pietro,
stay overnight amidst the magic of the sassi of matera

We have travelled the world for over thirty years looking for beautiful, good things. We found a lot, met so many people, and made many new friends. We dreamt of hosting them at our home in Matera. A few at a time though. To help them experience this unique town and its intrinsic value: its hospitality. So we restored ancient cave-homes by enhancing the tufa stone walls and vaulted ceilings to create an authentic, striking ambience.

Fernando and Marisa Ponte

In the heart of the ancient Sassi Districts, a UNESCO world heritage site, a few abandoned cave-homes and dilapidated structures dating back to 1600 were renovated and restructured to welcome the new spaces of an integrated hotel known as "Borgo Albergo Diffuso" This was how Corte San Pietro was created… by history and by the passion of Fernando and Marisa, assisted by Daniela Amoroso, an architect from Matera.


All later editions, contaminations and layers of more recent floorings were eliminated to reveal the historic structure. Comparisons were made with the architectural evidence and a narrative was created. . This search for the authentic essence of the pure space, stripped of anything superfluous, was inspired by the works of Axel Vervoordt and his Wabi spirit.


The entire hotel spreads horizontally around courtyards overlooked by the rooms, the reception and the breakfast room, whereas other rooms overlook the cobbled streets next to the central body. This enables guests to experience what it's like to live in this unique neighbourhood, in the typical, secluded, ancient system of Matera.

Everything at Corte San Pietro harks back to its history.


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